Fall Favorites

It's just about that time of the year...fall! Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors and the smells. I love painting fall and Halloween canvases - so many ideas! I am working on some new things for the Autumn Street Fair, but here are some old favorites.
The skinny witch legs are always popular. I also do an elf leg version. These are available on 4x12 and 8x24.

I like the witch boot for Halloween. This one is sort of simple, but really catches the eye with black and bright colors. I think it is just too cute with the gingham ribbon!

How about some fall colored polka dots? The colors look great all the way through Thanksgiving. The 8x10 size fits just perfect on a wreath.

This design was first done with a pineapple. Someone (I can't remember who!) requested it with a pumpkin and I've done about fifty since then. The beige and cream dots look so good with just about any front door color or home decor.

Finally, so some sweet little 5x5's. These two are so cute for Halloween and that tiny size fits just about anywhere. At just $15.00 each, they also make a great teacher gift.

Start planning your fall needs and be sure to stop by my booth at the Street Fair in downtown McMinnville on Saturday, October 1. See ya then!


Deidre said…
How very cool! I love the polka dots with the pumpkin! One of the most disappointing things about moving to Australia is that they don't celebrate halloween. And also that october is spring time here, which is just confusing!