Summer Lovin'

I am having such a good summer! Yes, we have been busy with lots of different activities and painting, but I have also managed to find time to just do nothing. Nice. There have been several orders for these pineapples. I love the colors and the dots with the pineapple. This would look great on any one's front door this summer! Thank you, Julie and April!

Even though I love traveling and we usually have something planned, we did not go on a true vacation this summer. Normally, I would be busting a gut to go somewhere. We do have a couple of fall trips planned and are saving for something big next summer, so I have just enjoyed being home.
Mike had a conference in Alabama so me and the kids tagged along. We found fun things to do like Alabama Adventures, the McWane Science Center, and the hotel pool! It was calm and relaxing, much like summer 2011 has been.

We drove up to Atlanta for one night before heading home. The boys were planning on a Braves game but rain changed that. We went to the American Girl Place instead. Carter was not happy, but he and his dad made the best of it! Lauren and Abigail, however, had a ball!