Early Christmas Shopping?

Well, I'm not sure! Judging by the size of this order and the fact that there are lots and lots of different names, I would say that it is a safe bet. I am a huge fan of Christmas shopping year round. It makes the time and budget go so much farther come December. I just have to stay organized and remember what I bought and where I put it!

I've been on vacation this past week and have gotten behind on my blogging and my orders. I am going to spend tomorrow getting unpacked and then sorting through emails, etsy, and facebook orders. Hopefully I can get a little painting in, too! If you haven't heard from me, be on the look out!

Don't you just love all of these names and established dates? I had a lot of fun making each one a little different and special. While I absolutely love the burnt orange, I think the top one might be my favorite. The crispness of the black lettering on the khaki background just does it for me!

It's never too early to place your holiday order. I am one stop shopping! Thank you, Gwen, and happy gift giving!