This and That

I've got kind of a little bit this and that for you tonight! They don't really go together, but I've been needing to post them for a while. This is one of the flower canvases I made for Et Cetera. Monica in Murfreesboro wanted it personalized with "Kaylee". I think it looks so cute!

Jennifer Cook wanted this little 8x10 for a recent baby shower. Clean and simple stripes and two pretty shades of can't beat it!

Jennifer also sent me this PBK photo of this bedding. It is so sweet and soft, but I love the tree. She needed this one for another baby shower. It seems like everyone is having a baby these days!

Here's the canvas that goes with it. I picked up on that adorable tree and used a very girly font. That pale pink gingham ribbon is the perfect topper.

Thank you, ladies! I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts!