Summer Flowers

I guess I was in the mood for flowers! Once I got started on these, the ideas just kept coming! That's always a good thing! This 11x14 gold stripes and dots with real yearn flowers in currently available for $30. That includes personalization.

Here's a close up of those super cute flowers! Get a name, welcome, or a favorite verse or saying added. This one looks great on the front door!

I love the bright colors and all of the dots on these two. The 8x10 is already sold, but the 6x9 is still available for $20.00. The real fabric and button flowers add something special! Again, personalization in included. I am thinking that this one would be a perfect little birthday gift.

My favorite...the orange and brown flowers! Here is a close up of the brown on brown stripes. It is 4x12 and also available for immediate personalization and delivery. I think this one would make a wonderful last minute wedding gift.

If you are local, all of these are at Et Cetera if you would like to see them in person. They will be happy to take your personalization order and get in touch with me. If you are out of town, just leave a comment or email me to claim a canvas. I will send you a paypal invoice right away.


Ashley Davis said…
I absolutely love your work! Since graduating with my Master's Degree this month, I have been able to pink up the paint brush and get back to my hobbies. I love to paint and be creative and I am trying to branch out and try new things all the time. I have a question, your letters are always so perfect... do you free hand your words or do you use stensils? If you use stensils, where do you find most of your stensils at? If not, wow, how did you learn to print so beautifully and with so many differnt styles? I appreaciate any and all pointers. Letters have always given me headaches!

Brandie said…
Congratulations on you accomplishment, Ashley! To answer your question, I do not use any stencils. Just a ruler to get it straight on the canvas and my pencil! I look at new fonts, but always freehand and never trace. They are not always perfect, but I think that is what makes them special! Thank you for the question and the compliment. Good luck to you!
Laura Pruitt said…
I also love all of your work! I have just picked up a paintbrush and discovered a hidden talent. I have just started with little things for my girls' bedrooms. I am not to the point of selling yet, but I am loving the practice! My question is do you put everything on paper before you start? And do you draw circles and whatnot on the canvas with pencil before paint? I appreciate your time!