Projects On The Table...

I do all of my projects on a big art table that is covered with heavy brown shipping paper. By now the paper is worn soft and completely paint spattered. Still, I love my table! It's my space and I spend a lot of time in that seat. There are several projects on the table right now.

I've decided to do my classroom for this coming year in a jungle theme. I'm thinking lots of bright colors and animal prints. I even found the cutest bulletin board set of a big tree house and it even had ziplines! Perfect! I do a big theme and leave it up all year. Last year it was a sweets/candy shop theme with pastels and chocolate brown polka dots. I'll keep you posted!

I try to choose canvases off my list that are similar in subject or color and do them all at once - kind of like an assembly line. I have been working on these three at once. They are all stripes, have some colors in common, and a sports theme. Stripes are way harder than polka dots for me. These three have definitely been a challenge, but I love how they are turning out!


Jennifer said…
Love the stripes! I bet your classroom is just too cute for words. ;)