Life's Moments

The textured canvases are becoming quite popular! That's fine with me...I love doing them! To get the textures, I cover the plain canvas with handmade paper. I usually use Modge Podge to be sure that it is sealed down nice and flat. After it has completely dried, it can be painted over.

My good friend, Tiffany Keeton, wanted a large 2'x4' canvas textured and painted with her favorite quote. She tells me that this going over her mantle. I can't wait to see it! Her walls are sort of a tan/taupe color. She wanted the writing in that color and the background in chocolate brown. So pretty!

I had the kids hold it for so you could see the whole thing at once and also just how big it is! This was one project that I can't do on my art table. This size canvas is about the size of my kitchen table and I have to be able to move all around it, so it gets painted in the kitchen!