The Big Day Is Here...

Our sweet couple, Emily and Davey, are getting married today! They got engaged at my house at my annual New Year's Eve party. Look how cute they are!

For those of you who don't know, Emily is my baby sister. A lot of people don't put us together because we don't look very much alike and we are very far apart in age. But it's true...she's my sister! She's more like my first child!

Emily and Davey have been together for what seems like forever. Davey just jumped right in and became a huge part of our lives. I am so happy that they are making it official!

Here they are on the day Lauren was born. My kids love their "Aunt Em and Funcle Davey". I don't know where that crazy name came from. I think it is because Davey has been such a fun uncle!

They are involving all of us in the wedding. It's not too much longer until we've got to go and start getting ready. I had to show you all Lauren's flower girl basket. How cute is this? It looks like a tree with "E+D" carved in it.

Congratulations, E and D! We love you!


Anonymous said…
Just now reading this! Thanks sis!