Catching Up

I am playing catch up in more ways than one! It seems like I am behind everywhere I go. It is always busy during this time of the year, but having a sick child has really thrown me for a loop. Carter is still suffering from severe pneumonia and pleurisy. If you don't know what pleurisy is, don't worry. Neither did I! It's an extremely painful secondary condition that often occurs with pneumonia. We are spending a lot of time at home and back and forth to Murfreesboro.

Thank you all so much for asking about him and us. I appreciate that more than you know. I apologize for the slow down in painting production. Again, I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Now...on with the artwork! The "Pack" monogram was ordered as a wedding gift by Candace Smith. I love how it turned out! She didn't really specify any colors, but wanted something neutral and classic.

Carly in Michigan showered me with some customer appreciation! Thank you, Carly! She sent me this photo of my "Happy Cherries" hanging in her kitchen. They look fabulous!


Anonymous said…
That is sooo cute! I just want you to know that i've tried several times to contact the lady from the painted cookie giveaway I won on your blog and I've never heard back from her=(