Thursday, April 7, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Holly Hodges ordered this quote for her son, Christian. He is in high school and wants to play basketball in college. Holly knows how much hard work is going to have to go into achieving that dream. I thought it was so sweet that she wanted something to keep him motivated.
Christian was one of my very favorite second graders waaayyyy back in the day! He's such a sweet, funny boy. I hope he gets all of that and more.

Holly asked for school colors of orange, blue, and white. I kept with the stripes and simple print font to (hopefully) keep it more masculine. I love the white glaze over the stripes in the center. This is a 16x20 and costs $40.00. Thank you, Holly!


6 Worleys said...

what type and size paint brush do you the pic...

Saylorsmom said...

Thank you Brandie! He really liked it. Thanks for the sweet comments about him too. :)