Happy and Sad

Happy first...I had a very unusual request for a clown themed canvas in hunter green. I don't have too many people asking for clowns. Plus, I don't really think of hunter green as a clown-ish color.

I decided to keep it simple (that always works best!) and go with the clown hat and some fun polka dots. I think it turned out really cute! Thank you for the order to my sweet neighbor, Regina.

Sad second...I've shed a lot of tears this week over my Riley. He's still at the vet's office with a terrible infection. I don't know how it's all going to turn out and I think that is what is hurting me so bad. Mike and I have had Riley since we were first married fourteen years ago. He's on our first Christmas card! He was my baby before I had babies.
I know it's all going to turn out for the best. You all who have beloved pets know what I am going through. I'll keep you posted.


I like your blog! Great work! The dog looks cute as well!...Daniel
Saylorsmom said…
I hope Riley gets better. I know he is family and being with you and Mike from the beginning makes it even harder. He is a beautiful dog! Sending good thoughts his way.