New Rules

The "rules" canvases have been so popular! I am so thankful. I love the message and these are so fun to paint. Both of these are a bit smaller at 4x12. Just perfect for those little nooks and crannies.
The "Family" version is off to Lakeland Elementary in Kentucky. I was contacted about donating an item for their silent auction. I am always up for supporting a good cause and was happy to help. Thank you, Sherry!
The "Class" version is brand spanking new and is currently available at Et Cetera. I love the colors and the idea. I think this will make a wonderful end of the year gift for all of those special teachers. This is a sneak peek for you, Tonya!


Anonymous said…
Thanks Brandie! I can't wait to see my classroom rules!!
Ashley said…
love love love love love the class rules!!!!!!!!!
Angela said…
AW! YAY! So glad to hear they are doing well! :)