My Best Friend

Fourteen years ago today I really did marry my best friend. I love my wedding day and I love celebrating our anniversaries. Maybe that is why I like painting these established canvases so much! This top one is off to Murfreesboro to Megan Clarke. I hope it is the perfect wedding gift.

I did another one of the exact design...strangely enough, these two were ordered literally within minutes of each other! This one is for Mandy Byars. Sher is giving it as a gift at the wedding shower. Again, I hope it makes the perfect gift! Thank you both so much for the orders!

We are preparing for our annual trip to the NCAA basketball tournament. No, we are not going to the Final Four this year. Since it is in Houston and we just got back from Arizona, we decided to stick closer to home. We are headed to an earlier round of games in Charlotte, NC. I guess that is my anniversary gift??

Our Arizona trip for just the two of us was early, but it counted as my gift. Going somewhere and doing something fun is my idea of the perfect gift! We are an adventurous couple, love being together, and always have a blast! He's the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly, and definitely the macaroni to my cheese. We've now had fourteen fabulous years together. I don't know what's coming down the road, but I am looking forward to it.


sabarnes21 said…
I hope you guys had a happy anniversary! :)
I love the idea of doing something fun together more than a gift. Looks like you guys really have figured out a way of enjoying one another through the years. Congrats!
Shirley said…
We haven't done a trip alone in awhile, but we're doing one this year-spending 3 nights in Tombstone. I hope you have a great anniversary!