What I've Been Up To...

I know I haven't been posting or painting as much as I usually do. Let me just say that it has been extraordinarily busy at the Mansfield house. We are making up for lost time while we were sick! I have been being a mom!
Carter just finished up his Upward Basketball season with a season high (for him!) 10 points. This is his first year to play basketball and I am so proud of him. We are already starting baseball practice. It is always something!

Lauren recently participated i her favorite things in the whole wide world - a pageant! This girls loves everything about pageants, from dress shopping to make up to the giggly girls backstage. The Snow Princess Pageant was so smoothly ran and she had a ball!

Speaking of giggly girls! Here is Lauren with her "BFF's" Lilly and Molly.

I am so excited that Lauren was called back in the top ten out of 38 girls. I was beside myself when she was named 4th runner up. She's never won anything before and was so happy. She felt like a real princess!


Anonymous said…
Congrats to Lauren and all of the sweet girls that were in the pageant!

Monica S.
Saylorsmom said…
Lol...I know just how you feel. We were ecstatic when Saylor was called back in the top ten in her category and then won Best Dressed. Yay!! Lauren was beautiful!