Show Us Your Life - What Do You Make

I totally forgot that I added my link to the Kelly's Korner "Show us Your Life" series late last night. I am just now getting around to posting something special for you all. I always love linking up and looking at all of the new blogs. I also get lots of nice comments and have already gotten two orders this morning alone! Yay!
I've got several new things on the table, but they aren't ready the share yet. I decided instead to post a few old favorites of mine to give any new visitors an idea of what it is that I make. I love to match things and look at how exact this canvases match the mat. Love it!

I am thrilled anytime I am asked to use Bible verses, prayers, or song lyrics.

Bright colors and flowers are always so fun to paint! With spring around the corner, I will be breaking out all of those happy shades of paint. This was the first time I used lime as a background color. I think it turned out so well!

Baby nurseries and children's rooms are probably my favorite thing to paint. I love the idea of the little ones waking up and going to sleep under one of my paintings. I so appreciate all of the parents who take the time to order from me.

Weddings and anniversaries are a close second! I do a lot of family names and monograms, sometimes with an established date and sometimes without. Celebrating a marriage and a family are so important. I am happy to be a small part of that.

Well, thanks for visiting today! Remember that I've got new things to post next week (hopefully the weekend will go as planned and I will get tons of painting done!). Come back anytime!


Jordan said…
These are beautiful! You do great work, I'll definitely have to keep you in mind! :-)
Toni Morton said…
I would like to get the Welcome sign that is in the green letters. I think my snowman one I have up right now is a 16 by 20 and I really like that size. I will let you know for sure the size.
Thanks a bunch!!
chodgkiss said…
Hi. I am interested in the "cherry - seek happiness" canvas that is shown on your blog dated back in January. Did you make that? If so, how much would it be for that & what size is it. You can email me at
Brandie said…
Thanks, Toni! Let me know for sure on the size and I will get you on the list.
Yes, I did paint the happy cherries! I love that one, too. I will email you right away.
Jennifer said…
LOVE your stuff. Beautiful, you are SOO very talented! I cant wait to place an order with you! :)
Toni Morton said…
It is a 16 x 20
thanks a bunch!!