Teacher Gifts

First, I need to say that I love, love, love this pink, green, and black design. It is so clean and crisp with a little bit of funky. Too cute!

Next, I need to say that all of these were painted as Christmas gifts. I haven't seen them in a while! I am happy to be going back and looking at them and sharing them with you today. These were done to match the ones in my header. I love this font for school!

Red, white, and blue are Pioneer colors here in Warren County! I love the red rhinestones in each one of the polka dots.
Orange, white, and light blue are Lady Vols colors here in Tennessee. A super cute monkey was added by request. I topped it off with sparkly orange polka dotted ribbon!

Finally, I need to add that there are times when I am so thankful to be a teacher. I am at home today (and much of the rest of the week) with a sick little girl. We went to the doctor this morning and she was diagnosed with N1H1...the flu. I know she'll be high stepping again soon!


Those are adorable! Check out my blog for a bloggy award!
Ashley Marie said…
So cute!! And your blog is cute too. Stopping by from SITS!