Giveaway Winner #3

Okay, so I had to run to Murfreesboro for a "quick errand" this afternoon. My sister got engaged over the holidays and somehow we ended up at the bridal shop. You know how that goes! I made it home much later that I had planned.
The good news for you is that you had an extra 51 minutes to enter! Tonight's lucky number is 22. The twenty second comment was left by Maranda Moore. Congrats to you, Maranda! I know you are excited!

I'm off to bed. It's back to school tomorrow!


Anonymous said… I really the first comment of the day..this can't just might be my lucky day! These are super cute!!

Monica Schoeneck
sabarnes21 said…
Did you see any cute bridesmaid dresses? :)
Maranda Danelle said…
I am so excited I won!! Yay!! I never win anything! Thank you Brandie and Leann!!