Modern Monogram

Farrah Griffith ordered a custom monogram for a friend for Christmas. She sent me this artwork as inspiration. She wanted these colors and designs. I have to admit, this one was a challenge!

It took a while to get the colors right, especially the unusual shades of teal and rust. I also had to try some new techniques to get that streaked/distressed look. I usually blend and smooth things out, so it was hard for me to leave it! In the end, I think it is a pretty close to perfect match.

Thank you, Farrah! I hope it made the perfect gift!


Encore Bride said…
Wow, that is awesome, you got the print very close to the original one, nice job! Found you via SITS
Lindsay Neal said…
That was amazing! Your artwork was even better than the original, in my opinion!
Anonymous said…
Love this Brandi.