Giveaway WInner #12

Oh, tonight's winner is going to be sooo happy! She's entered every night (I think) this year and last year. This is the first time she's won. Congratulations to you, Lara Kate Haley! You left comment number 176, the lucky comment!
Thank you so much, Randi! And you were afraid no one would enter!

Tomorrow is the last day of the giveaway series. I will be giving away something really special. Please come back one more time and enter.
Good night!

Result: 176


Yay....Lara Kate was one of my most memorable students ever! I still have her "rubber duckie" lol from when she was in 8th grade! So glad she won, although a current student's mom entered that is special also. thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments; I admit it was a little nerve wrecking last night wondering if people would comment and like my stuff! :) New to this endeavor! thanks again and I look forward to any orders I can customize for your family and friends! Email me :)

lara said…
Thanks Brandie and Randi I am so excited I won!! Randi you are my favorite teacher ever! Haha it makes me remember some of the many fun times we had in the 8th grade!!You have nothing to worry about with your work its all adorable and I am sure you will have so many orders to come!