Ashley Musculus down in Kissimmee, Florida is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her canvas and her new baby. I thought I'd dedicate today's post to her. I know how hard it is to wait!

Her baby girl, Sabrina, is due in the next couple of weeks. Ashley is spending this time getting the nursery ready. I don't know what I did with the picture she sent me of the bedding. I wanted you all to see how cute it is, but also how well this canvas matches.

It's not really pink. It's all of these shades of more of a coral with little touches of light blue. It is very unusual, but beautiful, and the monkeys are just too cute.

The walls are a pale shade and the furniture will be white. I thought the rich chocolate brown would really stand out. Ashley asked for a few rhinestones. I almost forgot about them (even though I had already planned where to put them!) and added them after this picture was taken. They are the perfect finishing touch!

Thank you, Ashley! Best wishes and happy holidays to you and your growing family!


Kassie said…
It looks great!

stopping by from SITS.
Ashley Musculus said…
Hey, we still LOVE the monkey you created for us. I will definitely be ordering from you again soon, once we know the gender of baby #2! :)