Oh, The Food!

There's no doubt about it... I love Christmas! I love the family, the presents, the general good feeling in the air. But my favorite thing is the food. There are several treats the I really only get at Christmas and sometimes Thanksgiving. Believe me, I made the most of it. There is so much salt in my system from the country ham that its not even funny. That stuff is like crack. One little taste and you just can't stop. I will be paying for this and I am seriously considering some kind of "cleanse". It was totally worth it.
Lyndsay Neal way out in Missouri has a family member that feels about macaroni and cheese the way I feel about country ham. It has become sort of a family inside joke. Lyndsay ordered this little surprise. I would love to see the reaction when it was unwrapped!

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday, that you got everything you wished for, and toasted your family and loved ones. Merry Christmas!


Lindsay Neal said…
She absolutely loved it!!! She kept looking at it and saying, Now, where did you find this again? I also gave my mom her Beware of Kids sign. She thought it was perfect and hung it up immediately, which is a huge compliment considering that the handprint flowers I made for her from her granddaughter is still in the same place it was when she opened it! Your gifts were a hit and I am looking forward to the next "excuse" I have for getting one of your beautiful canvases!!