Monogram Magic

This big cursive L is so pretty. It's one of my favorite letters to do - right up there with H! Isn't it funny that I have favorite letters? This 11x14 cream, taupe and black monogram is off to new customer Renee Lively.

Robin Bell wanted to same style of monogram but in earth tones instead of black. I used my favorite shade of green called Avocado Dip. I also added a burlap ribbon instead of the usual satin. Love it!

Bridgett Crouch saved me from a mistake! I painted this C on a 5x5 canvas before I realized the customer wanted it on a different size. I offered up this extra canvas and Bridgett snatched it right up. It turned out really pretty. Thank you, Bridgett!

Just this morning I confirmed another new participant. She's a talented old friend and you guys are going to love her. My excitement is building and I hope yours is as well! Check back soon for the giveaway schedule and more details.


Eva Gallant said…
I just browsed your blog and you do great work! I just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you find time to do the same.
I know exactly what you mean, I have favorite letters too! Only it makes me sad because my initials don't have my favorite letters in them!
Lindsay Neal said…
My favorite letter is L too. Partly because it's my initial but mostly because it is so pretty in cursive. I write little notes to everyone in the mirror steam each morning just because I love to scroll out the "Love." Those are absolutely beautiful!!