The Excitement Is Building!

I just now confirmed a new giveaway! Can you feel the excitement building?! I also just got this picture from another giveaway participant and couldn't wait! How cute is this? The very talented Kelly Roberts is giving away this cupcake themed set and you can have it personalized. Love it!!!

Remember that all of the fabulous giveaways start bright and early January 1st. Check back every day for a new prize and opportunity to win. All you have to do is comment and you are entered. Woo hoo!


Paige said…
Looking forward to it! Thanks for putting together such a fun set of giveaways. Happy New Year!
Thank you Brandie!!! I LOVE the 10+ days of giveaways!!! You are so awesome....thank you for doing this again this year.
Anonymous said…
Love this set! So cute!!! Happy New Year! Meredith Woodlee :)
Tish Perry said…
This is great!!! Maybe I will get lucky. Love the store!