(photo Pottery Barn Kids)

This really sweet daisy themed bedding was chosen by Tessa Turner for her baby girl, Maelee. She is painting the wall the darker shade of lime green in the bedding with white trim. Just keep that in mind when you see the canvases.

Tessa requested each letter of Maelee's name on a 10x10 canvas. She gave me the bedding, told me the wall color, and said "have at it"! I think the white canvases with light pink ribbon will stand out so pretty on those dark green walls. I made sure that there was a touch of that green on each one. Each one also has its own special look, but coordinates with the others.

Thank you, Tessa, and congratulations!


beautiful! That is my little Lauren's nursery too.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! I think I fell in love with 5 projects on your blog just now! Stopping by from SITS!