Yard Sale Part Four - Christmas!

6x9 Happy Holidays - lime green, kelly green and hot pink! - $10.00 - sold

4x12 ho ho ho - $10.00 - sold

8x10 believe - lime green, kelly green, and red - $15.00 - sold

11x14 B monogram in kelly green, red, and white - $20.00

10x10 snowman - the last one! - $15.00 - sold

12x36 stocking - $50.00

8x24 elf legs - $25.00

3 5x5's - ho ho ho - $25.00 - sold

  • The listed sale price includes shipping and any custom personalization. All item are sold "as is". Just comment or send me an email if you see something you have to have!
  • November 1 is the deadline to get in your Christmas orders. Thank you!


Shelly said…
I would like to buy the last one {ho, ho, ho}. shellyvits@hotmail.com

Anonymous said…
I would like to buy the last I love snow snowman and happy holidays if they are still available.

Thanks so much,
Francesca Hale
The 2nd Ho Ho Ho CourtneyEStephenson@Gmail.com :)
Rachel H. said…
I want to buy the "Believe"