Sweet Sisters

These two little 6x9 canvases are perfect for a set of sweet little girls. I can see these hanging on the doors to their rooms and matching in the hallway. I love the pink on pink (very girly!) and the little daisy that adds some white, aqua, and lime. I used a wide sheer aqua ribbon to coordinate.

I traded for jewelry with my sister, Ashley, for this order. She is back from a break after having a baby. For those of you who didn't know, she makes jewelry from flowers used in special occasions. I think it would be so neat to have some beads made from your wedding flowers! She made me and Lauren a beautiful pendant from flowers given to us on our trip to Mexico. Check her out here.


Jenny said…
Two talented sisters in the same family!!! Awesome. I always wondered what to do with flowers after I saved them and they dried out. Now I know!
I will be contacting you soon to make something for Macy's room. I am not sure what I want yet....