New Recipe Week

Do you ever get to that point where nothing sounds good to cook? I cook just about every week night and I was getting tired of the same old same old. I dragged out the cookbooks and we are trying something new every night this week. Exciting! Here is out menu...

Saturday - Taco Soup and Cheese Quesadillas
Sunday - Subway (our Sunday night regular!)
Monday - Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, and Sister Shubert Rolls
Tuesday - Pepper Steak over Rice
Wednesday - Dinner Out (TTU Class and Church)
Thursday - Melt In Your Mouth Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, and Hawaiian Bread
Friday - Off to the grocery store to do it again!

I found the recipe for Banana Split Cake while I was going through cookbooks and couldn't resist. I just ate a piece and oh my word was it good!


Paige said…
The melt in your mouth chicken sounds yummy! Will you share the recipe? Have a great week!