For Bridget...

This is a very special canvas for one very special young lady. Bridget was the victim of a terrible horse riding accident and ending up losing one of her legs. We didn't personally know her, but we do go to church with her brother and sure do think a lot of him!
We were going to Nashville a couple of weekends ago and decided to make a visit to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. My children had been praying for her for weeks and I thought it would be nice to stop by and see her. Of course, we had to take a gift!

I found out that pink is her favorite color and all little girls love a little sparkle! Bridget is such a trooper. She and her mother and grandmother were so kind to us. We sat and talked and talked. They all agreed that Bridget is lucky to be alive and they will just be thankful for that.

Bridget is home now and doing well. We are still praying for her and her long road to recovery.