Fall Stuff...

We recently went on a "Family First" fall camping trip. It was just an overnight thing, but the kids really felt like serious campers. All was going great until allergies kicked in and the really late night caught up with them. We still had a good time, good food, and some good family and friends time. Lauren and Elizabeth thoroughly enjoyed the bunk beds!

I was cleaning for our upcoming open house when I snapped this picture of my front door. I just wanted to show you all how cute the smaller canvases look in a wreath. I love this 5x5 "Happy Fall" in my big fall wreath. How cute is that wreath hanger? I got it at the Autumn Street Fair (the booth next to me was trouble!) a couple of years back. It is antiqued metal and says "trick or treat".

Seriously, I'm dying! Where is this cooler weather?