The Countdown Ends...

Number one...Monograms! I do so many versions of monograms, but I especially love the ones with polka dots. I feel like almost every painting I do has a dot on it somewhere! I chose these because they have small and large dots and my favorite font, Ballpark Wiener. (I've had people ask about my fonts. They all come dafont and I do freehand them.) Plus, these were a gift for my friend, Amy Crouch, when she had her twins.

Number Two...I chose these two more for who they were for than the design - even though I absolutely love this design and these colors. I tried to something a little more masculine for our pediatrician, Dr. Edward Eastham. He is so sweet to us and we just love him! The other was a thank you gift for Ron Clark. He donated a free visit to his academy and one of my teacher friends won! That was an awesome few days in Atlanta. He hung it in his office right then!

Number canvases. I can't remember exactly where the first one came from, but it was a customer, not me, who came up with this design. After that first one, they just took off. I've done newlyweds all the way up to fifty year anniversaries. I've done every color and font combination you can think of. This one is a brand new order just sent out to Oklahoma!

Number Four...teacher canvases. Maybe it is because I am a teacher, but I love doing teacher canvases. They never get old. This one was done a good while back and it is still a favorite of mine. I think it is because it's not the typical apple. I got the inspiration for this design from the Boden catalog.

Number five...jerseys. This is where it all started. The first canvas I did was a large baseball jersey for Carter's room. I wanted some sports art for his room and couldn't find what I wanted. There are more choices now, but when I saw the prices I nearly had a heart attack! Now I do baseball, basketball, football, and even cheerleading uniforms. It's a great way to remember your time as part of a team.

If you're waiting for the's coming right up!


Angela said…
Love the Family Name canvases. I think your first one was mine. :) hehehe which I LOVE! :)