Party Time!

Can you tell that I almost forgot to take a picture of these two cuties? That's their bubble wrap in the background! They are on their way to your right now, Rachel!

Rachel Harvey is planning a birthday party. She ordered the little 5x5 "thank you" for the gift table and the 10x20 "celebrate" as party decoration. She will be putting these on easels. That's why there is no ribbon...she's a genius!

She asked for browns, greens, yellow, orange, and light blue. Her inspiration is the cover of the book "Where the Wild Things Are". What a cute party theme!

Again, this is completely unrelated, but sine I posted a picture of Carter's first day I figured I had better post Lauren's, too. She is loving kindergarten so far. She looks like such a big girl with her backpack and lunchbox. I get all misty just thinking about it!