A New Season

Here's the first Halloween canvas of the year! For some reason, I love painting Halloween canvases. This cute little witch boot topped off with gingham ribbon is currently available at Et Cetera. I am hoping to have many more things up there soon.

This is completely unrelated, but I wanted to share a photo of Carter's first day of third grade. He is really looking forward to this year. Lauren's first day of kindergarten is tomorrow. I have mixed emotions about that. She is really excited, so I will be, too!


Anonymous said…
Love the canvas! Carter is a nice looking young man. Emely started kindergarten on Wednesday as is loving it..they go all day! I bet Lauren will have a blast too!
Anonymous said…
May have to get you to make me one of those cute canvasas too! I forgot to sign it above..lol! Have a great day :)
Monica Schoeneck