Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For All of the Teachers Out There...

One of my coworkers, Misti Hillis, ordered this 11x14 for her classroom. She wanted black and white damask and a pale lime. I had this ribbon that was just made for this canvas. I love how it turned out! Thank you, Misti! I am so happy to have you at Bobby Ray!

Donna Vandygriff is teaching kindergarten at Eastside this year. She decided to decorate her classroom in bees. How cute! I added the touch of blue since that is one of her school colors. This sweet little 5x5 will fit anywhere in the room or look great on the door.

I had a really good day at school. We are studying nonfiction and are reading informational snake texts this week. You do what you gotta do to keep those boys interested! Rock Island State Park ranger, Jason Ramsey, visited the class with a harmless corn snake. He did a great job sharing snake facts and the kids were fascinated. Mrs. Corn Snake didn't have a name. She does now...Brandie!
The things we teachers do...