Let's Get This Show...

...on the road! Lauren and I have our bags packed for Jackson! We are leaving Thursday to go down and support Emily in the Miss Tennessee pageant. We will miss Wednesday night's preliminaries, but we already had obligations. We will get to see talent on Thursday night, evening gown on Friday night, and the finals and crowning on Saturday night. We are beyond excited! Mike and Carter are staying here and already referring to the house as the "man cave".

If you would like to watch the pageant, here is the link to the official website. You can check out the contestants and find the link for a live feed each night.

The kids have their first swimming lesson ever starting this morning. They are excited, but a little scared. I know Miss Molly will teach them so much! I love all things water and swimming and am so happy that my children enjoy that as well.

Lauren got her library card! We are participating in the summer reading program at Magness Library. Lauren is a determined reader and is doing well with her sight words and spelling. She is going to be ready to roll when kindergarten starts! You had to be six to get a card, but the rules recently changed and now you just have to be five.

I did finish a few paintings this weekend. I am going to try to get a lot at least started before I take off for a few days. This order was placed through Et Cetera by new customer Dina for a couple of roommates. I loved my college roommate, Robin. I would have totally had one of these signs on our apartment door!

Well, I'm ready for this crazy busy week to get started! You all have a great week, too!