Girly Girl

This is such a girly girl canvas! I love the diamonds in the two shades of green in the background accented by a hot pink dots. The green and pink look so good together. They really make the zebra print stand out.

Harper's monogram is on the shirt.

There are even little hot pink rhinestones on the zebra print ballet shoes! Doesn't get much more girly girl than that! This photo also shows the polka dots on the outside border.
Thank you, Kandice, for this very unique order. I had fun painting it!

16x20 - $45.00


Kandice said…
oh my goodness!!! i LOVE this, it will look SO cute above her changing table. I cant wait to pick it up. Thank you SO much
Jenny said…
I don't think that I even need to tell you how much I love this. Stop by my blog, I left something for you!