Easton Michael Gregorich

Don't you just love the colors in this bedding? Easton's mother, Bethany, described the look as classic contemporary. I like that.

I had fun matching the colors in the stripes to the bedding. I wanted to keep the classic look with a clean, uncluttered canvas. Bethany chose to do the monogram instead of them name. I like that, too.

Finally, as an added bonus, I did the edges of the canvas in a super light shade of the aqua and did dots in colors coordinating with the stripes. I don't do this very often and now I remember why...it's hard!
Little Easton's nursery is going to just be breathtaking. Thank you, Bethany!


Bethany said…
I love it!!! Thank you Brandie! This is going to look fabulous above his crib :)