Show Us Your Life - Things That Make You Happy

The Show Us Your Life Series at Kelly's Korner is all about things that make you happy. Right now I am so happy to be a teacher! I had a wonderful school year and am officially on break. Oh my goodness, when I sat down to think about what else makes me happy, the list got quite long. I guess that is a good problem to have!
Here are a few...

My little girly girl princess,

my sports fans,

good teachers,




new accessories,

decorating/cleaning/taking care of my home,

new babies,

my hubs,

hand made gifts,


and cooking.

All of my family, going to church, my girlfriends, getting to eat out from time to time, museums, nice hotels, new clothes, new shoes, the beach, farmer's market, my pets, quiet time alone, hot tubs, vanilla in my diet cokes, flavored cream in my coffee, going to the movies, singing along with the radio, scrubbing dirty toes, haircuts...I told you this list could get long!
Ya'll have a great holiday weekend!


Heather said…
What a great list Brandie!! I love accessories and traveling too!! I miss the snow so much, it doesn't do that much deep in TX!!!
I'm currently enjoying Law & Order marathons ~one of my things that make me happy!

Love the family photos. You have a lovely family!

I hope you and your family have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!
ElizOF said…
Happy SITS Friday and Saturday! Yesterday's snafu prevented me from saying hello to the blogger after me. It's fixed now and I want to wish you well.
I love your list and the things you listed make me happy too. Terrific idea to always remember the good in our lives. :-)
What makes me happy? I'll add a meditative walk on the aqueduct with great music warms my heart.
Do stop by my blog and say hello sometime!