Purple Punch

I love, love, love these colors together! New customer Katie Brooks of Louisiana wanted something special for her child's teacher based on the "purple punch" pattern by Vera Bradley. I have to admit that purple is not my favorite color, but as I started working on the design and putting the purples with the green and black it all came together.

I usually turn my teacher canvases up and down, but I flipped this one across. I also usually put the wording on the bottom, but this time I put it on the top. I tried something new and it worked! I love it when that happens!


Anonymous said…
Brandi, I LOVE THIS! Is your waitung list LONG?

Cathy Greene Moore
Brandie said…
It's about two to three weeks. I'm running a little behind with things so busy at school. Just email me!
What a beautiful card. Love it.
Anonymous said…
Love it!!
Monica S.
Danielle said…
That is so pretty! I wish I had enough talent to pain something like this myself!

Stoppin' by from SITS!