Mother's Day Gift

Okay, so my mom fave me this all black metal sign to paint for her two years ago. Yes, it sat in my garage for two years. I've been cleaning out for my big yard sale this Saturday and found it. I decided it was time to break down and paint this thing.
The first step was sanding and cleaning. Then I taped off and painted the cream background. The third step was to actually start the fun part - the lettering. After I got that all done, it had to be sealed.
I love the finished product!
Check out my new porch furniture! All of my white rocking chairs will be in the yard sale. You all need to come see me!


nancie said…
i love your work. i visit your site often to see all the beautiful things you've created. i have a do you do your you do it freehand, or do you have stencils? what type fonts do you use? i've started painting and am enjoying doing things for my girls and sometimes for their friends as gifts, but all my fonts are from one stencil, and seem to be getting boring. i'm not really sure how to get other prettier fonts, for example, this one you just posted that you did for your mom..i LOVE'd you do it? if you don't mind sharing your secrets!
I LOVE this!!!! It is so beautiful. Where can I get one?