I Love Weekends

It's been a good weekend for many reasons. First of all, it's Mother's Day. The kids made me a pop-tart and chocolate milk this morning. I also got several really sweet hand made gifts - the best kind! Second, Carter had a ballgame Friday night and knocked in the winning run! Third and finally, we didn't have anywhere else to go the whole weekend. That's right! A whole free weekend! I got a lot done around the house, painted, and just rested.

I couldn't sleep last night. Usually, I lay there and toss and turn. I decided to get up and be productive. Here's what I accomplished. It's amazing what you can get done when everyone else is asleep.

Here's a couple of the completed teacher canvases that are being shipped out tomorrow. They are going all over the place. I guess I've covered all of the teachers in Warren County so now I'm working on the whole United States!


Jenny said…
LOVE THOSE!!! I am a teacher, would it be weird to buy one for myself because I love them that much????

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