Hopping Right Along...

...into my last four days of school! I've had a really good year with some super smart students, the absolute best coworkers, and some fun times. It has gone by fast. I am still so looking forward to summer and taking a deep breath and slowing down.
When both of these canvases were ordered, "summer colors" were requested. I was happy to get out the lime green, kelly green, hot pink, purple, orange, and all those beautiful shades of aqua. I am ready for some summer colors myself!

Jessica is Collierville, TN, is a new customer who wanted a cute little frog for her front door. She tells me that her kids like spending time outdoors in the summer looking for frogs. Mine, too!

Lesley Nash wanted a frog for her son's teacher. They've had a great year with Mrs. Penny at Hickory Creek and she wanted to show her appreciation.

Thanks, ladies, for both of these fun orders! Now, I've got a bajillion things to do today before this last busy weeks starts!