Graduation Gifts

My baby girl is graduating from preschool this Friday. (Sniff, sniff!) I can't believe that she will be off to kindergarten in the fall. It really does feel like I just had her.

Lauren loves to give. She is always making little gifts and cards to give away. She had to make a gift for each student in her class (even the boys) and her teacher. She absolutely wore me out until we found the right project.
She fell in love with these little plastic sun catchers. The "BFF" and "Girls Rule" sealed the deal. I had some glittery sun catcher paint and the little suction cups left over from a long ago school project. Luckily, these things are like $0.38 at Wal-Mart!

Here she is creating her little masterpieces. She lined up her bottles of paint. Where does she get that?