Bright Ideas

Yellow and pretty. There's just not another word for this one but pretty. I love yellow and yellow fleur de lis background. I love the sheer white bird in the center. I love the font for the family name. Can you tell that I am wanting one of these for myself?

This one is actually a surprise. New customer Katie Brooks ordered a canvas and I messed it up. She had to send it back to me for corrections. I decided that when I returned it, I would send her a little gift as well. I took a chance that a Louisiana girl would like the fleur de lis.
Thank you, Katie, for being so sweet. I hope you enjoy your gift.

In other news, I am featured on Tip Junkie today! I so enjoy visiting Tip Junkie. They have great ideas and, well, tips. Laurie is so on top of things!


Eclipsed said…
So beautiful! I'm glad I stumbled on your site via SITS.
Rachel H. said…
Did you get my email? :)