Beach Blues

When I painted this little surprise for Susan Helms, I had the beach on my mind. Susan is a recent college graduate. I am so proud of of all of the ladies I know who are going back to college either for the first time or for an advanced degree.

I've got a bad traveling jones - it happens every year at about this same time and it always seems to have something to do with the beach. Do you all ever get that feeling where you've just gotta go somewhere?

Summer vacation is my bread and butter! I love the packing and the planning. Maybe I'll be a travel agent when I grow up.
I am planning all kinds of adventures in my head. I wonder where we'll end up?


Susan Helms said…
Thank you so much for my surprise!!!!
Rachel said…
Oooh, I love that last picture! So beautiful!
I'm always thinking about the next holiday :D I love that shot on the beach.