Rustic Rooster

Burgundy, pale blue, and gold...

rustic, beat up, antiqued...

"I'm thinking roosters". These are all of the words used to describe what Ashley wanted on this canvas for her parents. I had a hard time picturing it and I always have a vision of the finished painting before I even start. I was flying blind on this one!
The more I worked, the more it came into focus. I love this unexpected color combination. I used a stencil and a brown glaze to get the faded overlay design. The final step was sanding the edges and corners to really get an antique feel.

I love it, Ashley! Thank you!


Paige said…
What a great painting!
Ashley's Attic said…
I would never have known that you didn't have a vision for this one! It turned out BEAUTIFUL and almost exactly how it looked in my head! I love it and, more importantly, Mom and Dad really really love it.

The in-laws loved their "Vandy" canvas too! Joe had it hung the very next day above the sink in the kitchen so that you see it as soon as you walk into their house! When I mentioned to them that it didn't really match their new living room color scheme (they decided to change RIGHT after you had finished their canvas!)Joe told me that "Vandy colors go with everything and in any room."

Thank you for the great work! The WHOLE family really appreciates you!
How adorable! I'm so glad I stopped by, this really cheered me up, I love your talent. Visiting from SITS. Have a happy Tuesday and come be sometime and visit me.