Weston's Nursery

Baby Weston has a Dream Custom Artwork nursery! His mom, Rachel, sent me these photos and I just had to share them. This girl knows how to decorate a room. I love the paint job - those stripes are gorgeous!
Here's the "Where the Wild Things Are" 12x24 canvas that I posted a while back. I love it centeres over the two smaller pictures. Also notice that the "Weston" canvas from my header is on the outside of the door.

Do you see the little trio of 5x5 animals?

Here is an 8x24 favorite quote above the door.

One more...see the little tiger above the closet door? That's me! Look at that monogram centered over his crib - adorable!
Thank you, Rachel, for sending these to me. Everything looks fabulous!


McVal said…
Wow! That's a beautiful room!
Neil Anderson said…
A lovely room! My daughter used a similar color scheme recently for our grandson's bedroom, only with an airplane theme. I couldn't tell from the pictures - did you incorporate pictures from the "Where the Wild Things Are" children's book?
WOW!!! That is one FABULOUS nursery!!!
Rachel H. said…
I didn't know that you had posted photos of our nursery...I've been so busy that I hadn't checked lately! Thanks so much! I love it! And I'm so glad to see it out there! :)