A New Twist...

...on an old favorite. The family canvases are the old favorite, but when Hailey Kuhn asked for one on a 10x10 canvas instead of the regular 8x24, I had to do some redesigning. She wanted turquoise and chocolate brown. I love that color combination and never thought about it for my house. When I put it on my hall table for the picture, I liked the way it picked up a bit of turquoise in my flower painting. I guess I'll be needing one of these!

The "K" initial in the background in brown on brown - a new favorite technique if you haven't noticed! I did the established date under the family name instead of over the top in turquoise. The wide satin ribbon is just the perfect finishing touch.


Hi. Visting from SITS. Great stuff. Happy Saturday sharefest.
Anonymous said…
Very Pretty!
Monica S.