March Madness

You all know it's that time of the year for me...March Madness! It seems like March is always a crazy month. It's the weather, our anniversary, time for TCAP prep, Easter, and let's not even mention basketball.
While I am still kind of a newbie at this sports stuff, I do have my favorite teams and Vandy is one of them. The Wright's are die hard Vanderbilt fans. Their daughter-in-law, Ashley, ordered this team color canvas. Love it!

Many of you already know and have been asking about our trip to the Final Four in Indianapolis. Yes, we are going and yes, we are excited! We've been to different rounds over the past few years, usually whatever is in driving distance. There really wasn't anything closer than St. Louis, so we decided to try for the big dance.
We put our names in a lottery about a year ago and were drawn out. You have to plan ahead for these things! We are wwaaayyy up on the third deck - yikes! - but we're really just going for the experience. I don't really have any advice for you all for next year because they are changing the system. We are already planning on going to Charlotte and will be feeling our way through like everyone else.
Now let's all keep our fingers crossed that Tennessee at least makes it to Indy. I love that Bruce Pearl!


Mim said…
So excited for you! I would love to go. Mike will have to fill me in on the process for next year! I think I'm going to try for it. Keep up posted on your adventures. We will be in DW and I will be looking for a "Bid Screen" to watch the games! YIKES!!! Enjoy!