Fire Engine Chic

Okay - no matter what I did this gorgeous fire engine red photographed more as hot pink. Oh, well! This is sort of a sneak peek for Tanya Jones. She is picking it up this afternoon. She ordered a 10x10 canvas as a baby shower gift for a friend.

The room is in a fire station theme with red and blue and dalmations. I decided to do a dalmation spot border with red on the inside. I also tried out a new font. I was looking for something more masculine since it is for a boy. I love all of the little white accents on the black letters.


Tanya said…
Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE it!!! You did soooo good Brandie!!!! Thank you!!!! They will love it! I will try to get up there and get it Monday. Hugs!
Tonya said…
I am the person who received this as a gift from my good friend Tanya and I love it!!!! I cant say that enough...I was looking frantically for something to hang on the walls and this is perfect!