A Few More...

Here's just a few more family canvases that have been recently completed. The top one is in chocolate brown with khaki and cream lettering. Very pretty.

Here is the original black with khaki and white. I think it still might be my favorite color combination!

This one was an anniversary gift for Tyree and Joyce Smith. She chose burgundy with gold and black.

Lauren is feeling a little better. Her fever broke, but she is still not keeping anything down. Mike is home with her today. Thank you all for your concern!


ooooo these are fantastic I need to make one for my family
Renae W. said…
Thanks so much for doing the top one for my cousin's wedding! Everyone that I showed it to loved it! I will for sure be ordering more from you in the future, as will my friends and family. I was sure to include your card with the wedding gift, should they decide to order something else from you. You rock!